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Hiking Trails of San Luis Obispo County

City of Atascadero and Surrounding Areas Trail Guide
Atascadero Stadium Park TrailsStadium Park Trails
Usage: Equestrians, hikers, joggers, mountain bikes, dogs.
Fee: None
Total Distance: Just under 2 miles.
Hike Difficulty: Varies, from Blue Oak being easy to Pine Mountain being difficult.
Directions to Trailhead: Exit HWY 101 at Morro Road (HWY 41). Head East on Morro Road (HWY 41) to Capistrano. Turn left on Capistrano to the stop sign, Turn right, from there, the entrance will be on the right just under the HWY 41 overpass. Very limited parking.
Trail Overview: The trails wind on dirt paths through a beautiful native oak woodland. Besides being a beautiful park, it is a natural amphitheater with gently sloping hills leading to the basin.

Jim Green Trail in AtascaderoJim Green Trail
Usage: Equestrians, hikers, joggers, mountain bikes, dogs
Fee: None
Total Distance: 1.53 miles
Hike Difficulty: Moderate, Dirt paths
Directions to Trailhead: Exit Hwy 101 at Curbaril Ave. Head east on Curbaril, to Cortez Ave and turn right. There is Equestrian parking available.
Trail Overview: The trail winds up to the top of the hill overlooking the Heilmann Park and golf course. The trail follows the golf course then loops back through the oak forest and to the “Y” junction. A short easy walk or jog in a wonderful natural area. There are many different species that can be seen in the area. The woods consist of pines, oaks, river willow and sycamore.

Las Lomas Trails in AtascaderoLas Lomas Trails
Usage: Hikers, Joggers, Bikes and Dogs
Fee: None
Total Distance: North: .5 miles South: .8 miles Playground Spur: .06 miles
Hike Difficulty: Moderate
Directions to Trailhead: Exit Hwy 101 at Santa Barbara Rd. Head east on Santa Barbara road, and left at Alondra Rd. The trail head will be on the left side of the road.
Trail Overview: The Las Lomas trail traverses dedicated open space surrounding the Las Lomas/ La Terraza housing development. Two separate trail routes wind through hillsides covered with native grasses and forested with oak and pine trees. Sections of the trail overlook Paloma Creek Park and State Hospital owned open space. A vista point on the South Trail provide a stunning 360 degree view of the Salinas River Valley.

Cerro Alto TrailsCerro Alto- Short Hike
Usage: Hikers, Horses, Mountain Bikes and Dogs
Fee: Cerro Alto Campground Day Use Fee
Total Distance: 5.1 Miles Round Trip
Elevation Gain/Loss: +1600/-1600 Ft
Approx Hiking Time: 4 Hours
Hike Difficulty: Moderate
Directions to Trailhead: Cerro Alto Campground is located on the south side of Highway 41, 8 miles east of Morro Bay and 12 miles west of Atascadero. Turn into the campground and drive one mile to the Day Use parking area at the back of the campground. There many be a fee for parking in the area. There are two trailheads leaving the Day Use area.
Trail Overview: This loop starts at the campground and climbs through a shaded forest for the first mile, then opens up to the chaparral-covered canyons with occasional lush vegetation before reaching the summit of Cerro Alto at elevation 2620’. From the top of Cerro Alto you will get endless views of Morro Bay, Chorro Valley (where the volcanic chain of Nine Sisters or Morros can be seen from Morro bay to San Luis Obispo), Los Osos, Montana de Oro and, on a clear day Mussle Rock in the Guadalupe/ Nipomo Dunes. To the northwest, the Cayucos Bluffs and Estero Bay can also be seen. Newts and banana slugs live along the stream, along with many wildflowers during winter and spring, including currant, milk maids, Indian warriors, star lilies, monkey flowers, and hound’s tongue.

Cerro Alto Long Trail MapCerro Alto– Long Hike
Usage: Hikers, Equestrians, Mountain Bikes and Dogs
Fee: Cerro Alto Campground Day Use Fee
Total Distance: 7.1 Miles Round Trip
Elevation Gain/Loss: +1700/-1700 Feet
Approx Hiking Time: 4 Hours
Hike Difficulty: Moderate
Atascadero Lake Trail MapAtascadero Lake Park Trail
Usage: Hikers, Mountain Bikes, Joggers, Dogs
Fee: None
Park in the parking lot off of Hwy 41 or the Pavilion on the Lake parking lot off of Pismo.
Total Distance: 1.19 miles around entire lake.
Hike Difficulty: Easy
Directions to Trailhead: Exit Hwy 101 at Morro Road (HWY 41). Head west on Morro Road (HWY 41) for 1.3 miles to the parking lot on the left, between Portola Rd and Pismo Avenue.
Trail Overview: The Lake Park Trails are an easy walk around one of Atascadero’s best landmarks, accentuated by beautiful trees and plants. The trail is predominantly dirt/ unpaved. This is a perfect trail for joggers, walkers and outdoor enthusiasts. The park also has a playground, restroom facilities, large and small barbecue areas, horseshoe pits, sand volleyball court and the Charles Paddock Zoo.

Juan Bautista de Anza North TrailJuan Bautista de Anza Trails-North
Usage: Hikers, Equestrians, Joggers, Bikes and Dogs
Fee: None.
Total Distance: All trails combined create a total of almost 6 miles.
Hike Difficulty: Easy to Moderate.
Directions to the Trailhead: Exit Highway 101 at Del Rio Rd. Head east on Del Rio then left at Potrero Rd to Traffic Way. There
are trailheads that are located all along Traffic Way, as well as on Ferro Carril Rd, and multiple places along the railroad.
Trail Overview: This historic trail passes through Atascadero in close proximity to the Salinas River. The Atascadero Mutual Water Company and the City of Atascadero opened segments of the trail for public use. The trail is lined with beautiful oaks and other native vegetation. Trail markers are extremely easy to find and lead you easily along all the trails.

Juan Bautista de Anza South TrailJuan Bautista de Anza Trails-South
Usage: Hikers, Equestrians, Joggers, Mountain Bikers
Fee: None
Total Distance: Approx. 1.7 miles
Hike Difficulty: Easy
Directions to Trailhead: Exit Highway 101 at Curbaril. Head east on Curbaril to Cortez Ave and go right. On Cortez there is Equestrian parking, as well as the Jim Green trailhead and just across the railroad is the de Anza Trailhead.
Trail Overview: This trail consists of abundant wildlife and native vegetation that makes this hike one of a kind. Enjoy the easy trail in the morning or at night for a unique experience.